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Providing pond and lake management solutions to the Chicagoland area, Northern and Central Illinois, and Southern Wisconsin.

At our company, we take care of everything so you can enjoy the best customer service experience possible. Trust us to handle every aspect of our service from start to finish.

Nature is messy, let’s work together to clean it up.

What We Do

We Provide aquatic weed management programs designed to aid property owners in achieving a healthy aquatic environment.

McCloud Aquatics knows the vital elements of a successful aquatic weed management program are precise measurements of the body of water and proper plant identification. Depth readings are performed to determine average depth. These measurements are used to determine acre-feet of water to calculate the appropriate label rate application.

We also perform a visual inspection to determine:

  • Plants species and density in and around the water body
  • Fish activity
  • Wildlife activity
  • Watershed concerns
  • Water uses
  • Inflow/Outflow features
  • Normal water level

Based on our assessment, we’ll create a proper and effective aquatic management program
designed specifically for your property.

Featured Service For Fall 2023

Aeration Equipment Sales, Service, And Maintenance

McCloud Aquatics is your one-stop shop for all things aeration, from floating fountains to subsurface diffused air systems (bubblers) and De-Icers. We are fully certified to service and repair aeration equipment from the leading manufacturers, and we offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Warranty work
  • Onsite consultation
  • Field service repairs/diagnosis
  • Oil changes
  • New motors
  • Maintenance
  • Anchor kits/moorings
  • Power cord replacements
  • Airline replacement
  • Compressor rebuilds
  • Control panel repair
  • In shop motor rebuilds

We are also a fully registered Otterbine, Kasco, AirMax, Vertex, and Bearon dealer. This means that we can sell you the latest and greatest aeration equipment at competitive prices.

Contact us today to learn more about our aeration equipment sales, service, and maintenance services.

What We Offer

McCloud Aquatic Services Division is committed to helping property owners throughout Chicagoland achieve healthy aquatic environments. For aquatic weed management that meets or exceeds your expectations while effectively managing your pond, lake, or aquatic environment, contact us today.


"Our lake had the best season it has had in several years. The weeds were controlled and the lake was beautiful for swimmers, boaters, and fishers. We were also the only lake in our area to not have an algae bloom"


Anne M

Residential Customer

"Great service at a reasonable price. They truly care about their work and their customers."


Jim F

Residential Customer

“Truly care about what they do, and take great care of our pond. Very professional and knowledgeable staff that cater to almost any aquatic service. Highly recommend!”


Eric J

Residential Customer