About Us

Passion Meets Excellence

McCloud Aquatics has been family-owned and operated since 1904 and has been providing service for aquatic vegetation control in Northern Illinois since 1962. We are an aquatic weed and algae management company providing services to Chicagoland area, Northern and Central Illinois, and Southern Wisconsin.

With a passion for lake management planning and a focus on quality customer service, McCloud Aquatics has the energy and resources to help you achieve your goals for your aquatic investment. 

Our Vision

McCloud Aquatics is proud to share the responsibility of protecting our great natural resource. Future generations need us to perform the right actions NOW to ensure a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

In support of our vision, we promise to safely, legally, and with the utmost integrity, care for your body of water. We will employ the latest in education and research to complete our goal of being:

Friends Of The Water