Pond and Lake Aeration

Oxygen concentration is one of, if not the most important chemical parameter in a body of water.  Like the air we breathe, the survival of aquatic organisms depends on a sufficient level of oxygen dissolved in water.  Not only are anaerobic (low dissolved oxygen) conditions dangerous for the aquatic life within the pond, but also this can cause phosphorus which is bound in the sediment to become free floating and bio-available to algae.  This is why we always recommend every water body has at least some form of aeration (diffusers, fountains, waterfalls, etc.).  This will ensure that the water in the pond stays mixed, cool, and oxygenated and will provide many benefits to the aquatic ecosystem and all of its inhabitants.

There are two main types of aeration options: Surface aeration (Decorative and Circulating fountains) and Subsurface (Diffused Air and De-Icer's).  

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McCloud Aquatics sells and primarily with Airmax, Aquamaster, Otterbine, and Kasco products.  We will help you in figuring out the adequate size and costs needed to add aeration features to your lake or pond.  We also provide installation/removal and storage.

Surface Aeration

Fountains provide the nice aesthetic look while providing aeration and mixing in the pond from the water surface, oxygen is created through gas exchange which occurs from the water crashing back into the surface of the lake or pond.  There are many different types of spray patterns which could be used however it is important to note that some spray patterns are designed to create better oxygenation and water flow while others are more for aesthetic appearance.

Volcano Fountain

The two photos above show two different aerators.  The fountain on the left is more of a decorative unit; it will still provide oxygen via gas exchange as the water surface is broken.  The fountain on the right is a high output unit which is more benefit driven; it provides more aeration at the cost of a less aesthetically pleasing discharge

Sub-Surface Aeration

Diffused air systems consist of a compressor on shore, air lines, and diffuser heads submerged under water.  The compressor pumps air through the lines and out the heads which bubbles to the surface, providing oxygen and water mixing from the bottom of the pond or lake.  This can help oxygenate deeper pockets of water and also help to mix and circulate the water while providing destratification.


Installation, Removal, and Storage

McCloud Aquatics offers aeration installation and removal in the spring and fall respectively.  Upon removal your aerator will be cleaned and maintenance performed to get the unit(s) ready for the upcoming season.  After a unit is cleaned they are stored on site inside our temperature controlled warehouse.