What is Emergent Vegetation?

Emergent Vegetation Management


There are a number of different aquatic plants that can be categorized as an emergent plant species.  These plants tend to grow right along the shoreline and out into the shallow areas around the pond.  In Northern Illinois, the most commonly seen emergent plants are Cattails, Phragmites, Bulrush, Spikerush, Arrowhead, Pickerelweed. Some of these plants are extremely invasive, meaning they will out compete all surrounding plant life for resources. Cattails and Phragmites are the most invasive plants in this group, and will expand their territory each season if left unaddressed.

While it is important to monitor and control the growth of cattails and phragmites, other emergent plants like Bullrush or Arrowhead are very beneficial as they act as a buffer zone taking in nutrients before they're washed into the water and help hold together the shoreline's structure.  Furthermore, it is possible to create a shoreline garden of natural vegetation  for an aesthetic feature.

Cattails and Phragmites have the potential to rapidly expand down shorelines and into the water body.  Other plants like Lilies and Water Primrose also reproduce and expand quickly.  Some small patches are visually appealing however it is important to monitor the growth to ensure control measures are put in place.

McCloud Aquatics does provide chemical treatment for emergent growth occurring along shorelines and within the water body.  Chemical treatment is a great way to begin clearing out invasive and unwanted vegetation, keep in mind that these types of plants can be resilient and treatments may require multiple applications as well as time for the treatment to take full effect within the plant(s) targeted.  Single applications and season-long control are both available treatment options.

McCloud Aquatics also has the capability for physical removal of any emergent vegetation.  This option provides chemical free removal and instant relief (However regrowth of the vegetation is a possibility without chemical intervention).  We can also provide cut down/removal services for emergent growth which did experience chemical treatment once an adequate amount of time has passed for the chemicals to have reached their full effect.