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Below is a comprehensive list of services along with brief descriptions of what each entails.  If you are having problems finding the service youre looking for please feel free to call our office at: 847-891-6260

Standard Pond Maintenance
  • This maintenance package covers both Algae Control and Submerged Weed Control, particularly Invasive Weed Control.

  • This package aims to promote a healthy balance within the aquatic ecosystem.

Water Enhancement
  • Probiotic bacteria improves the health of aquatic systems

  • Bio-dredging and muck reduction 

  • Improvements in water clarity, nutrient management, and recovery

Emergent Vegetation Control
  • Emergent management plans encompass: Cattails, Phragmites, Waterlily, Creeping Water Primrose, Purple Loosestrife, etc.

  • Rocked Shoreline treatments

  • Control plans for native emergent such as Arrowhead, Bullrush, Iris, etc. also available.​​

Aeration & Diffused Air
  • Seasonal Installation and Removal of Fountains, with cleaning and storage in a climate controlled facility.

  • Scheduled repairs and maintenance for longevity of aeration unit lifespan.

  • Selection of aeration manufactures to chose from!

Floating Vegetation
  • Season long control or single applications for Duckweed and Watermeal.

  • Phosphorus mitigation and elimination

  • Both fast acting and long term treatments available

  • Floating pondweed control also available

Mosquito Solutions
  • Eliminates mosquito breeding sites.

  • Applications for both larval and adult mosquitoes.

  • Application plans for both aquatic and terrestrial control available!

Pond Dye
  • Provides an aesthetically pleasing color.

  • Limits sunlight penetration; slowing photosynthesis and vegetative growth

  • Blue and black dye applications

  • Other colors available per request

Fish Stocking & Management
  • Spring and fall fish stocking available

  • Diverse selection of species and size

  • Fish Surveying and Management planning 

  • High quality Bathymetric mapping 

    • Depth, vegetation, and bottom composition​

Water Quality Testing
  • Water parameters such as oxygen and temperature measured each service

  • Microcystin Toxicity Testing 

    • Testing toxicity of planktonic algae

  • In-depth lab services available for water, muck, and sediments.

Consulting Services
  • Pond and Lake Management Planning

  • Erosion management and restoration

  • Proactive Landscaping practices and Habitat Quality Improvement

  • Free HOA and Property Management Consultations