Weedoo Mechanical Harvester

McCloud Aquatics has expanded its arsenal in ways to manage and control vegetative growth on your pond or lake!  With our new Weedoo mechanical harvester, McCloud Aquatics is now able provide a new variety of services to help improve your waterways and shoreline.

Newly Provided Services:

  • Mechanical harvesting of submerged vegetation

  • Mechanical harvesting of floating Water Lily and American IL. Pondweed

  • Cattail, Phragmite, and other emergent shoreline vegetation cutting

  • Mechanical removal of free floating vegetation like Duckweed, Watermeal, or Algae

  • Vegetation clean up and removal of decomposing plant matter

  • Minor garbage removal from aquatic systems

  • Spot dredging along docks and piers, shorelines, and other areas of concern.


With the Weedoo Harvester We are able to provide instant relief to overgrown and nuisance vegetation.  Shallow and mucky areas can be dredged out to provide some more depth while removing excess nutrients stored in sediments and decomposed organic matter!