Mosquito Control

Are you sick of mosquitoes infringing on your time outdoors?  McCloud Aquatics offers two different Mosquito abatement programs which can cut the overall mosquito population in half!

McCloud Aquatics offers mosquito relief treatments both terrestrially and in the water!  Our mosquito larvicide program stunts the growth of the mosquito, removing the ability for the organism to reproduce.  This treatment is great for aquatic applications as the larvicide has no negative impacts on the aquatic ecosystem!  We also offer a terrestrial mosquito spray application which targets all mosquitoes offering near instant relief!

There are also natural mosquito remedies that pond and lake owners  can pursue!  Stagnant water bodies are ideal breading grounds for mosquitoes, adding aeration will create some water movement, removing the previously stagnant conditions.  Having fish can also reduce mosquito populations, certain fish species will seek mosquitoes and their larva as a food source.