Mosquito and Insect Control

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In the Midwest, a female mosquito will typically live between 6-8 weeks and lay eggs every 3 days during that time. Each clutch contains 100-200 eggs that hatch within 48-hours. Slow-moving aquatic environments such as ponds or swamps (especially without aeration) are prime locations for mosquito breeding. 7-10 days after hatching, mosquito larvae pupate and emerge as flying insects. The females take blood meals to make more eggs while males feed on plants and aquatic vegetation. Along with being an irritating nuisance, mosquitos present a significant risk to public health. They can be vectors for harmful pathogens including Zika and West Nile Virus, as well as Canine Heartworm. To reduce risks and increase the overall enjoyment of your property, we highly suggest adding mosquito control to your pond/lake management program.

McCloud Aquatics offers a mosquito treatment program which utilizes both an aquatic larvicide and a terrestrial spray application.  Before making any kind of applications, we first perform a survey to identify breeding hotspots for the mosquito.  These typically are small puddles, bird baths, buckets, and other objects which can contain water, or in other moist soils and structures.  After identifing the breeding sites we plan and make applications so that the best conrol is provided.  For optimal control Mccloud Aquatics recommends our full program which includes an aquatic larvicide application as well as a terrestrial spray application; both applications are individually available as well.

Larvacide Briquites

Our mosquito larvicide program utilizes small briquettes which target mosquito larvae and prevent them from maturing into the flying, biting pests we know them as, and will also knock out a few generations in the breeding cycle.  This treatment is great for aquatic applications as the larvicide has no negative impacts on the aquatic ecosystem!  

Terrestrial Spray

Our terrestrial spray applications target all mosquito types and life stages.  The mist is applied to targeted breeding hotspots as well as to high traffic areas on the customers property.  The mist application is safe with a restriction time of under an hour while providing a 50% reduction in mosquito population with results that are instantaneously noticeable.

There are also natural mosquito remedies that pond and lake owners  can pursue!  Stagnant water bodies are ideal breading grounds for mosquitoes, adding aeration will create some water movement, removing the previously stagnant conditions.  Having fish can also reduce mosquito populations, certain fish species will seek mosquitoes and their larva as a food source.