Pond and Lake Management Plans

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Lake Management Planning is a key factor in maintaining your lake’s overall health and appearance.  It lays out a foundation to the ultimate end goal for your body of water. 

This structured plan allows for all parties involved to communicate and understand what specific steps are being taken, what kind of treatment procedures are being used, and what procedures will be used in the future to reach primary goals.

It is important to remember that Lake Management is a long-term strategy; the results that you hope to see for the end goal will take some time. 

The planning process will help us understand the types of things we see along the way. Furthermore, this allows us to make minor adjustments if needed based upon our observation.

Lake Management Objectives

  • Assessment

    • Historical issues
    • Current issues

  • Define the end goal(s) for your project

    Consider realistic time frames, desires, and costs.

  • Develop a financial plan of attack

    • What’s the all-in budget?
    • Will this number change annually?

  • Obtain a list of possible management strategies

    Review and understand how each strategy helps reach the end goal(s).

  • Select which options suit your needs best

    Review service reports, as these detail each step taken along the management plan.

  • Monitor progress throughout the season and adjust as needed

    Remember to have patience, as reaching the end goal(s) can take some time.