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McCloud Monthly - February

February is here and spring is right around the corner, for McCloud Aquatics this means e

ducation and equipment maintenance are occurring in full force. We are preparing for any weather complications caused by a colder than average February, followed by a warmer than average March. Unfortunately, we have still not experienced cold temperatures long enough for water bodies to freeze over. In response, McCloud Aquatics is preparing for the possibility of larger than average vegetative blooms this season. If chemical applications are not your preferred lake management plan, we can provide planning for biological and mechanical weed control. Biologically, we can use grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) as well as probiotic mixtures to help manage undesired or invasive plant species. We stock triploid grass carp – meaning they are genetically altered and unable to reproduce. Should they get into other waterways there will be zero adverse effects to the environment. When properly stocked, grass carp can help keep the pond growth balanced. While still allowing some plants to grow to support a healthy fish population grass carp will help ensure overgrowth is maintained. Our professional fisheries experts can help you to properly stock your pond for a healthy population of grass carp. McCloud Aquatics can help stock in your pond with game fish as well! We work directly with a fish supplier that carries multiple species, sizes and classes of fish. Species such as trout, bass, carp, crappie, and even larger trophy fish like muskie and pike are just a phone call away from being stocked on your property. If you are considering stocking fish in your pond but aren’t sure where to start, give us a call. We will have a custom stocking recommendation for your pond - catered to your goals and budget.

Deadline for fish stocking orders are April 20th 2020.

Give us a call at (847) 891-6260 for a consultation

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