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McCloud Monthly - March

While ponds begin to defrost, McCloud aquatics is already prepared for the upcoming season of pond maintenance. Considering each pond is different, what is best for each individual water body may not be uniform. McCloud Aquatics recommends you strongly consider some preemptive treatment options. Even if your pond is looking great, the natural life cycle of a pond is always in motion. In short, there is always the possibility that this year produces the most plant growth you have seen on your pond. A major issue plaguing many ponds is excess nutrient levels causing nutrient pollution. Nutrient pollution is when an excess of nutrients such as phosphorous, cause extreme increase in weed and algae growth rates. One solution for this is an advanced technology called Phoslock.

As an incentive to taking this proactive approach, we are offering 10% OFF of Phoslock treatments done in the months of March and April!

This product seeks and binds to available phosphorous in the water, making it unavailable for growth in vegetation. By reducing an organism’s food source, we effectively limit the potential for excessive plant growth. This product works best when applied in spring or in fall, but can be applied at any time. Now is the time to consider this advanced technology for the benefit of your water.

As a reminder for our returning customers, if your contract is paid in full by March 31st, there is a 5% discount to your contract! ***Applies only to Standard Pond/Lake Maintenance***

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