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The McCloud Monthly - April

Greetings from the McCloud Aquatics team! The season has begun, and our specialists know that the first few treatments is the most effective way to help the rest of the season go smoothly. A great place to start is with bathymetric mapping of your pond. Bathymetric mapping helps you learn more about your pond as it gives you details on vegetation hot spots, depth, and sediment composition. Any scientific information will aid pond owners and lake management specialists in creating a complete lake management plan. Knowing where the potential problem areas will be and how to improve characteristics on these areas is a great way to stay ahead of the curve.We encourage every pond or lake owner to consider bathymetric mapping. The only requirement is boat access.

April showers bring May…showers?

We received a shocking 8.25 inches of precipitation in May 2019, making it the wettest May in history in Chicago. As mother nature continues to be unpredictable and unnegotiable every year, our Lake Management Specialists are battling to keep your ponds looking fantastic. Due to these changing trends, we are preparing for more record rainfall. Unfortunately, rainfall can limit our abilities in multiple ways; boat access for treatment can be inhibited, and any other attempts to treat from shore risk washing out of the water before having a chance to take hold and be effective. As always, we want to thank you again for being a valued customer of McCloud Aquatics.

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