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The McCloud Monthly - July

As our valued customers prepare to host the big 4th of July parties, we have been preparing your pond to be in great condition for your celebrations and barbeques. July is one of the warmest months out of the year. This is something that not only impacts your tan line, but your waterbody as well. The warmer the water means that your water is able to hold less dissolved oxygen. Your water needs at least 5mg/L of dissolved oxygen (DO) in order to sustain aquatic life. If your water drops below 5mg/L DO, there is an increased risk of a fish kill – and nobody wants to see or smell dead fish on the water during the barbeque. This is why McCloud takes great care to monitor the oxygen in your water at each and every visit using advanced water quality meters. We must also take particular care in our treatments, because the dying vegetation from our treatments can contribute to oxygen depletion. Typically, July and August are the months when we treat the least to avoid this.

Signs of stress and low DO in the water are fish up at the surface gulping air, swimming on their sides, or are simply belly up on the surface. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything reactive that can be done to increase dissolved oxygen in the water. Your best option would be to consider adding aeration to your pond for the following season. Adding aeration in the middle of the season can force pond-turnover by interrupting the thermal stratification and releasing large quantities of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which impacts the ability of blood of fishes to carry oxygen. Usually the best course of action is to wait to treat until the oxygen in the pond has had adequate time to replenish itself.

If aeration is something you would like to consider for your waterbody, contact McCloud Aquatics for a quote, and we can custom build recommendations for your water.

All of us at McCloud want to thank you for being a valued customer and wish you to have a fun and safe holiday.

Please note that McCloud Aquatics observes Independence Day, so our employees will also have the opportunity to enjoy a day off. Your regular service may be rescheduled to accommodate this schedule change.

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