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The McCloud Monthly - June

Greetings from your McCloud Aquatics team!

As we near the halfway point of our season, we often see a lot of algae this time of year, including toxic cyanobacteria blooms. As the outside temperature warms, so does that of the water. This can oftentimes bring on a bloom. We at McCloud try to stay on top of the growth of your water, but when the weather changes, ponds all over often have algal blooms. If a bloom occurs on your water, please reach out to your Lake Management Specialist and we will respond as soon as we can. Often, you’re not alone!

Usually there are some key things you can do to help prevent algae blooms.

1. Decrease use of fertilizers. Fertilizers are full of phosphorous and nitrogen. These are what makes your grass grow nice and green, but also makes algae grow.

2. Reduce animal waste near water. Dog waste that runs into the water is just as harmful as the goose droppings. Pick up after your pet, and try some goose hazing options to lessen animal waste along your pond.

3. Reduce runoff. Adding a buffer zone around your pond allows the excess nutrients to be absorbed through other vegetation before it gets into your pond and becomes bio-available there.

Depending on your environment, algae blooms cannot always be prevented by changing these habits, so reach out to us and we will find the best course of action for your water – as the issue may lie in the sediment itself.

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