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The McCloud Monthly - May

Greetings from the McCloud Aquatics team! We would like to take this time to say thank you for your continued business for the season. We at McCloud Aquatics are striving to provide you with the best pond and lake management service that we can and the customer service that you deserve as a loyal customer. We do know that there are times where the vegetation seems like it is overbearing and we want to assure you that this is a normal occurrence for the Chicagoland area in the spring. May of 2019 had record rainfall in Chicago - This year we are expecting much of the same. There are many ways rainfall can impact your pond, and McCloud Aquatics’ role is to provide the best possible options in these conditions.

A quick friendly reminder: It is company policy that our technicians do not treat when there is thunder and lightning, as much of our equipment is metal and this poses a safety risk. There is also the high probability of drift or runoff of our products, and our goal is to keep our treatments localized to your pond, so if there is a known risk for drift and runoff, we responsibly choose to forego treatment per EPA guidelines. This is also in-line with our goal as a company: To be Friends of the Water.

McCloud Aquatics are not only limited during rains when we are at your waterbody, but sometimes up to a week after. Depending on the amount of rainfall, the ground is often too soft to safely launch the boat into the water. The weight of our equipment exceeds 5000-lbs – something that can easily get stuck and tear up the grass if we need to get towed out.

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