Customized Fish Stocking & Habitat Enrichment

Fish Stocking to Improve your Pond’s Health!

Fish stocking is a great way to improve the health of your pond while increasing the aesthetic draw and overall value of your water. Private pond fishing is an important pastime throughout the entire Midwest. Establishing a fishery on your property is a great way to generate value within the community by adding a source of recreation and education. A healthy fishery will also help maintain a balanced aquatic ecosystem.

Our Programs

Our individualized programs are designed to assist you through every aspect of the fish stocking procedure. Clients work hand-in-hand with our trained fish stocking expert to make their vision a reality. We use a high-resolution mapping system to generate detailed vegetation and depth profiles, highlighting available habitats and angling hot spots. If your pond doesn’t have natural cover or habitat for fish, McCloud Aquatics has partnered with Mossback Fish Habitats to provide you with many different options to promote the best environment for your fishery.

  • Pond Side Consultations
  • Variety of Fish Species & Sizes
  • Habitat Creation
  • Vegetation Mapping & Depth Profiles
  • Spring & Fall Fish Stockings
  • Fish feeding program