Lake Mapping

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 We Partner with BioBase Mapping Solutions!

McCloud Aquatics is proud to partner with BioBase mapping solutions for your lakes and ponds. Have you ever wondered exactly how deep your pond is? Where the fishing holes are located?  Where the “hot zones” for weed growth are?  With one onsite mapping visit, we can provide you those answers and more. 

A little about BioBase

BioBase is an Aquatic Habitat Custom Mapping Solution using EcoSound to chart plots and collect data throughout the pond. EcoSound is a revolutionary cloud-based mapping solution that renders custom charts with bathymetric, aquatic vegetation, and bottom hardness data by applying a proprietary advanced acoustic algorithm. This acoustic data is acquired from the sonar log files gathered on the water using powerful Lowrance & Simrad chartplotters.

Objective Metrics

Get real numbers about lake characteristics so we can measure changes over time. Monitor how water quality, aquatic vegetation and wildlife respond to environmental change as well as management interventions. 

Define Areas of Interest

With our polygon selection tool, we can select specific areas of the map to analyze and automatically calculate a range of Area of Interest Statistics.

Mapping Intervals

Recommended every 5-10 years or even yearly to keep tabs on sediment and weed issues.