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Oxygen is number one!

Oxygen concentration is one of, if not the most important, chemical parameters in a body of water. Like the air we breathe, the survival of aquatic organisms depends on a sufficient level of oxygen dissolved in water. Not only are anaerobic (low dissolved oxygen) conditions dangerous for the aquatic life within the pond, but also this can cause phosphorus which is bound in the sediment to become free-floating and bio-available to algae. This is why we always recommend every pond or lake have at least some form of aeration (diffusers, fountains, waterfalls, etc.). This will ensure that the water in the pond stays mixed, cool, and oxygenated and will provide many benefits to the aquatic ecosystem and all of its inhabitants.

Two Types of Aeration

Surface Aeration

When it comes to aeration options, there are two main types to consider. The first is surface aeration, which encompasses decorative and circulating fountains. These visually appealing features not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your lake or pond but also help in maintaining proper oxygen levels. Surface aeration promotes oxygen transfer and water circulation, ensuring a healthier aquatic environment.


On the other hand, subsurface aeration involves the use of diffused air systems and de-icers. By releasing air bubbles beneath the water’s surface, these systems efficiently distribute oxygen and break up stratification, preventing stagnant zones and promoting the well-being of aquatic life. Whether you prefer the elegance of surface aeration or the efficiency of subsurface solutions, McCloud Aquatics has the expertise and product range to meet your specific needs.

McCloud Aquatics sells primarily Airmax, Aquamaster, Otterbine, and Kasco products. We will help you in figuring out the adequate size and costs needed to add aeration features to your lake or pond. We also provide installation/removal and storage.

McCloud Aquatics can assist in determining the right type of aeration for your goals and budget, as well as maintain your equipment through our aeration program. Our aeration program includes spring installation and fall removal for cleaning and storage in our temperature-controlled facility.

McCloud Aquatics works with the following aeration manufacturers: Kasco Marine, Aquamaster Fountains, Vertex Water Solutions, Air Max, and Otterbine.

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