Season-Long Programs Designed for Maximum Efficiency & Effectiveness

Numerous Algae Solutions Available

Our primary service that is offered at McCloud Aquatics is our Standard Pond and Lake Management program.  This consists of algae and submerged weed control to residential and commercial properties in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.  With a broad selection of top-of-the-line, EPA-registered algaecide products with environmentally friendly and chemical-free algaecide programs, our customers have the ability to decide what type of approach they wish to take in maintaining their waterbody.

Winter Water Enhancement

Yes, we can provide some value to your water in the winter months.  Our water enhancement program utilizes temperature-driven biologicals. These natural bacteria help consume excess nutrients in the water column and sediment – all while promoting water clarity and overall quality. These also help the aquatic ecosystem recover from traditional treatments and after significant weather events.