Shoreline Restoration

green grass field and trees beside river under blue sky and white clouds during daytime

Shoreline erosion is a common issue plaguing pond owners and lake residents. The loss of land, decrease in esthetic value, and occupation of nuisance wildlife are all serious concerns.

Erosion happens.

Erosion can happen slowly over time, or suddenly after a serious weather event. Some of the most common causes of erosion are:

  • Wave action from wind or watercraft
  • Muskrat dens
  • Tree roots pulling away
  • Ice expansion and movement

SOX Erosion Solutions™

McCloud Aquatics has teamed up with SOX Erosion Solutions™ to provide you with a solution to shoreline erosion. We can create living shorelines to re-stabilize the banks using an open-ended containment system. The containment system can be filled with locally sourced organic media, or you can use substrate that was dredged from that same water.