Submerged Weed Control

McCloud Aquatics offers submerged vegetation control, including invasive weed control in our standard pond maintenance plan.  With any of our submerged weed control programs, our Lake Management Specialists seek to find a balance of having enough native vegetation for the ecosystem to behave naturally while maintaining the appearance of a clean and clear water body.

With a selection of different aquatic technologies, our Lake Management Specialists can effectively and efficiently decrease nuisance submerged weed growth while maintaining a healthy amount of native vegetation for aquatic organisms in the ecosystem.

It’s Normal!

Submerged weed growth is very common in all aquatic systems, even if no vegetation can be seen with the eye, there is likely submerged growth occurring on the bottom of the aquatic system. There are two types of submerged weeds: Native and Invasive. Native plants are those which occur naturally without any foreign introduction in a given area. Invasive weeds are those which do not originate from the area in question and generally have distinct growth and reproduction characteristics that allow them to invade, spread and take over an aquatic system quickly.

As stated above, invasive weeds are a hazard to the overall health of any aquatic ecosystem. The invasive plant has physical characteristics which allow it to excel in most aquatic situations; as the invasive population booms, the native weed population begins to decrease, causing a major shift in the biodiversity of the ecosystem.

Invasive plants can also take up a lot of physical space as there is a tendency for growth to come in very thick, disrupting the behavioral patterns of the rest of the organisms within the ecosystem.  Treatment to invasive plants is crucial to be done early in the spring.  This early treatment will help set the tone for the upcoming season and how we are able to manage the water.   

Traditional Management

Traditionally, lake and pond management is performed utilizing EPA-registered herbicides. All of our Lake Management Specialists are licensed through the State of which they are applying product (Illinois or Wisconsin). We work closely with leading scientists and biologists in the field who are developing safer and more effective products. We only utilize products which are EPA-registered, proven and we make our management decisions with the environment in mind to maintain our goal of being “Friends of the Water.”

Chemical-free Management

As technology is catching up to the lake and pond industry, McCloud Aquatics is always taking the lead in being more environmentally friendly. McCloud Aquatics brings an IPM approach to our services.  We offer chemical-free management options which include aeration, mechanical removal, biologicals, and nutrient management. These methods can be paired with traditional management methods to increase efficacy. Every waterbody is different, and chemical-free options may not be enough to reach your management goal. Our team can help you decide on the best management and treatment options for your water to fit your short-term and long-term goals with your budget in mind.  One of the best tools we have is our WeeDoo Work boat.  This work boat is the only one of its kind in Northern Illinois. This workboat can transform a 1 acre lake from 100% coverage to less than 5% in 8-10 hrs.