Water Colorants

water droplets

Pond Dye

One of the many add-on services McCloud Aquatics offers is that of pond dye. Pond dye is a great addition to your contract with us for an added aesthetic appeal of your water. We currently offer blue and black dye, but can special-order additional colors. Dye can be added at different rates or mixed together to achieve the hue of your choice. Dye hang time varies based on the turnover of your water – that is why dye is considered a contract versus a per application cost, so each visit your technician will evaluate and add dye as needed to retain your desired color. Some dyes are even EPA-labeled to control vegetation growth in your pond by blocking sun, and limiting photosynthesis. 

Everyone Loves Free Samples

If you’re unsure if you wish to add a dye contract and want to see it in your pond, McCloud offers free samples up to 2 acres of water for dye.