Water Enhancement

Probiotic Bacteria

Our Water Quality Enhancement programs utilize a wide range of different, beneficial bacteria and enzyme options which can be used to assist and enhance our treatments to water, or used to promote a healthy aquatic environment without any chemical intervention.  The natural bacteria have many different functions depending on the different blends used.  With an extensive range of probiotic options McCloud Aquatics can set up a bacteria program tailored to the needs of your waterbody.

Bacteria-Driven Dredging Programs

With MD Pellets we offer a bio-dredge program that slowly breaks down mucky substrate over the course of a season; while it doesn’t provide the immediate depth relief of mechanical dredging, it is a much more affordable option and a good investment towards the health of a water body over time.

Season-Long Programs Designed For Maximum Efficiency & Effectiveness

Our temperature-driven bacteria in the water enhancement program act as a multivitamin for the pond or lake it is applied in. These bacteria help clear out excess nutrients in the water column and sediment, promote water clarity and overall quality, as well as help aquatic ecosystems, recover post-treatment and after significant weather events.