Submerged Weed Control

McCloud Aquatics offers submerged vegetation control, including invasive weed control in our standard pond maintenance plan.  With any of our submerged weed control programs, our technicians seek to find a balance having enough native vegetation for the ecosystem to behave naturally all while keep the appearance of a clean and clear water body.

With a selection of different aquatic herbicides, our technicians can effectively and efficiently clean out nuisance submerged weed growth while maintaining a healthy amount of vegetation for aquatic organisms in the ecosystem.

Submerged weed growth is very common in all aquatic systems, even if no vegetation can be seen with the eye, there is likely submerged growth occurring on the bottom of the aquatic system.  There are two type of submerged weeds: Native and Invasive.  Native plants are those which occur naturally without any foreign introduction in a given area.  Invasive weeds are those which do not originate from the area in question and generally have distinct growth and reproduction characteristics which allow them to invade, spread, and take over an aquatic system quickly. 

As stated above, invasive weeds are a hazard towards the overall health of any aquatic ecosystem.  The invasive plant has physical characteristics which allow it to excel in most aquatic situations; as the invasive population booms the native weed population begins to decrease, causing a major shift in the biodiversity of the ecosystem.  Invasive plants will also take up a lot of physical space as there is a tenancy for growth to come in very thick, disrupting the behavioral patterns of the rest of the organisms within the ecosystem.  

Chemical Control

When it comes to chemical control there are two types of options to go with; contact herbicides and systemic herbicides.  Contact herbicides work exactly how their name states, they require direct contact with the target plant and only work on areas in which contact was made.  These types of treatments generally work a bit faster in comparison to systemic treatments and are ideally used to control vegetation which is native or annual but abundant.  Systemic treatments are a bit different as they have some motility through the water column and once they reach the plant, the chemical works its way entirely through the vegetation including the root systems.  This type of application generally takes a bit longer than contact herbicides however they are much more effective in eradicating plants..

Invasive Eurasion Water Milfoil

There are a variety of different herbicides available with many different active ingredients between them.  This allows us to rotate chemicals and prevent vegetation from potentially developing any resistances to our products.  

Let us know if you have irrigation from your pond or lake! We have herbicides which have no irrigation restrictions; allowing for the water to be used for watering post treatment.

Mechanical Removal


With our Weedoo Mechanical Harvester we can now provide our customers with instant relief of submerged growth as well as algae, free floating, and emergent growth.  The harvester has the capabilities to cut, scoop, and remove the vegetation which was cut from the water body. 


For those who are seeking submerged weed relief but want to avoid the use of chemicals now have the opportunity to clean up their water!  This would also be a great option for instant relief before a holiday party or event, or for quickly cleaning up swimming areas of ponds and lakes.